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Employee Training and Leadership Development

GKG develops, designs and implements industry-leading training and leadership development solutions. All training courses and solutions can be individually created for each client to specifically meet your needs. GKG’s skilled trainers work with organizations and are able to create tailored courses for a wide range of competences.

GKG’s goal is to enable employees to confidently perform their responsibilities. GKG’s training provides employees with the tools, methodologies, and skills to be able to articulate and demonstrate their roles and responsibilities accurately to their fellow employees and supervisors. GKG’s training challenges employees to write a specific and meaningful description of their goals, align these activities with their developmental needs, set key milestones, and create a timeline for the completion of their developmental goals. GKG understands the importance of shared understandings of responsibilities and is prepared to demonstrate and develop training to meet your needs.


Our Employee Training and Leadership Development Services include, but are not limited to:

  • COTS and Customized Soft Skills Curriculum Design and Development  

  • Federal Human Resources and Leadership Development for Managers and Supervisors

  • Federal Human Resources Practitioner Functional Training

  • Leadership Development

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training

  • Competency Development/Modeling and Career Mapping 

  • Executive and Employee Coaching 

  • Mentoring Program Design and Delivery 

  • Candidate Development Programs

  • Program Evaluation and Return on Investment Analysis 

  • Training Request Processing and Records Management 

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