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Executive Search Services

GKG works collaboratively with its clients to design mission-driven efforts to find top qualified candidates. Focusing on top performers, GKG identifies and strategically sources the most dynamic and proven performers available in the public and private sectors in America today. GKG understands how to motivate candidates and has experience being responsible for advertising, identifying, and recruiting SES and General Officer level candidates.

Former SES-level HR professionals at GKG advise and lead the Executive Search Services to find multiple highly skilled and uniquely qualified candidates for multiple positions. GKG is capable of fully screening each candidate, ensuring interviews are conducted by a knowledgeable and competent interviewer, and certifies the candidate can present to the government client in a professional and compliant manner. GKG is a trusted source for Executive Search Services and understands the complexities and nuances of working for the Federal Government.

Our Executive Search Services include, but are not limited to:

  • C-Level Executive Search

  • SES Recruitment for Federal Agencies

  • Security-Cleared Personnel

  • Mission Critical and Specialty Occupations

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