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Human Capital Management Support

Creating a high-performance workforce requires an integrated talent management approach. GKG works with organizations to support the full HR lifecycle from human capital strategy to recruitment and hiring; leadership and employee development; promotion and career management; engagement and retention; rewards and recognition; to employee retirement or transfer. GKG helps ensure you have the right people at the right time with the right skills.


GKG works with organizations to create clear, actionable and measurable

plans whether it is at the organizational, operational unit or program level.

Applying targeted analysis and effective management decision-making,

we excel in helping organizations create human capital plans that attain

the right workforce now and in the future. Our best-practice implementation

solutions accelerate alignment, deployment and measurement of plans to

create high-performance organizations.


GKG specializes in Workforce Planning and Optimization and Organizational Performance and Performance Improvement Initiatives. GKG’s Workforce Planning and Optimization solution addresses the complexity of how an agency can reach an optimal organizational state and meet mission critical objectives while cutting costs and realigning the workforce. The solution’s components uniquely wrap technologies around services to increase visibility, automate, measure, quantify, and provide data and information faster to solve the challenges of alignment, cost effectiveness and efficiency. GKG is positioned to assist agencies in meeting their objectives and utilizes a Workforce Planning Model/Methodology and an accepted best practice model process.


GKG’s Organizational Performance and Performance Improvement Initiatives solution integrates organization, process, people and technology. GKG works with organizations to properly assess performance issues, design performance improvement initiatives, and effectively implement and institutionalize these improvements. Representative services within Organizational Performance and Performance Improvement Initiatives include: Analysis and Assessment, Organizational Redesign, Business Process Improvement / Re-Engineering, Lean Six Sigma Methodologies, Improvement Planning and Implementation Support, Performance Milestones and Metrics, Job Alignment, Executive and Operational Team Effectiveness (Coaching), Change / Configuration Management, and Communications.


Our Human Capital Management Support Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizational Performance and Performance Improvement Initiatives

  • Strategic Human Capital Planning, Policy Development, Alignment and Implementation Support

  • Workforce Planning, Competency Development, Performance Management and Succession Planning 

  • Human Capital Framework Support and Pre-OPM Auditing Services

  • Human Capital Analytics, Benchmarking and Metrics

  • Talent Pipeline Management (Workload Management) (Includes a Hiring Plan, Succession Planning and Retention)

  • Organizational Development, Change Management and Communication Plans 

  • Program Evaluation Services 

  • Business Process Redesign

  • Diversity Hiring Initiatives 

  • Leadership Development 

  • Executive Recruitment, Executive Coaching, and Executive and Employee Engagement 

  • Marketing and Branding Support 

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