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National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,

Office of Workforce Effectiveness and Resources

The quality and timeliness of GKG deliverables is excellent, with very few exceptions. Monthly reports related to the contract management are timely and accurate. Consultants and all staff are professional; convey a high level of expertise, and work diligently to meet the customers’ needs/requirements. They are punctual and prepared. Communication amongst team leaders facilitates the coordination of activities so that there is integration of projects across the contract, and minimal duplication of effort. Costs are closely tracked and well managed. When GKG staff interacts with OWER’s customers within NIAID, we very often get compliments and unsolicited positive feedback. I would highly recommend GKG.

Protection Agency  


Human Resources Support

GKG provides staffing, classification, benefits/retirement, executive resources, performance management, VERA/VSIP, HRIT, security and policy development.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases 


Human Capital

GKG provides human capital and organizational performance planning and management to recruit, assimilate, train and retain a superior workforce.

General Services Administration


Common Acquisition Platform

GKG developed an as-is and target business architecture, created an Analytics Services Platform, established a strategy and execution plan, and developed a Program Management (PMP) and Quality Assurance Plan (QAP).

Federal Aviation Administration


Organizational Performance

We developed a strategic and tactical information delivery method using change management to ensure messages to the right people at the

right time.

Department of
Veterans Affairs



Human Capital

Through GKG learning and development solutions, our instructors delivered more than 220 classes at over 90 locations spanning a 30-month period.

Washington Headquarters Services



Program Management

We manage WHS's Mass Transit Benefits Program serving 35,000 Department of Defense employees throughout the National Capital Region.

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