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The Golden Key Group provided a cadre of competent and capable senior HR professionals that performed position classification services. Each member of the Golden Key Team brought unique skill sets and experience that contributed to the overall effort and successful completion of the project. Golden Key’s Management Team was very involved in the project from beginning to end and provided excellent customer service to me, the client. The open lines of communication between the team and myself were great and a welcomed asset. I would definitely recommend the Golden Key Group.
Senior HR Specialist & COTR
Department of Labor,
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Golden Key Group has provided to EPA exceptional service with respect to this HR support contract. The personnel performing the specific tasks in the Statement of Work are highly skilled for the tasks they perform. We could not ask for better. Golden Key provides an excellent service at a reasonable cost to the government. I would highly recommend them. We are happy to do business with this company.
Director of Executive Resources & COTR
United States Environmental Protection Agency
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