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Analytics drives evidence based change. Golden Key Group works with organizations

to provide insights of their data and uses best-in-class technologies, such as Tableau,

to transform data sets into visual reports. GKG’s Analytics Services establish Key

Performance Indicators and Critical Success Factors that can act as the basis for

progress reporting and ongoing performance management. GKG excels in Spend

Analytics and combines differing data sets to provide unique insight leading to improved

decision making and ultimately the delivery of increased value. GKG’s outcomes include

the development of large scale and complex Spend Analysis and its supporting

reports and dashboards.


GKG’s Acquisition and Category Management Solutions and the Analytics Team are led by David Shields. David Shields has managed procurement transformation programs across the world for many leading class organizations including an extensive program within the UK Government. With an extensive private and public-sector background, David has the capability to support large-scale complex change and transformation programs. He has extensive knowledge of supplier management and expertise at implementing eCommerce systems that drive transformation in efficiency and outcomes.

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